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With over 100 years of experience, Setco is recognized world-wide as a technical leader in the design and manufacturing of precision spindles. Their products proudly serve the automotive, aerospace, and general metalworking industries.

My challenge was making a spindle, a large steel component of larger machine rarely seen by the end user, exciting. Luckily the client had good product shots and high-quality video of each component so it make my job a little easier.

While the brands colors were primarily black, white, and red—I was able to categorize each major section with a different color. This subtle decision helped users make more sense of the wide array or products and services Setco offerers.

Screen capture of the Setco homepage.
Setco Homepage Concept.
Screen capture of the interior products page.
Two column interior page layout.
Screen capture of the indivudual product page.
Nested product page layout. Each product had basic and technical information as well as CAD file downloads.
Screen capture of the service center page.
Interactive service center page layout. On hover of the different states, the map would change showing the contact information for that regions service center.
Screen capture of the showroom page.
Interactive product showroom. Each product could have multiple bullet points as well as different images showcasing each products features.

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